Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Welcome to SynthIV's Website!  We make FREE plugins.

SynthIV is a project by Ivy Sirena, and some plugins under the Dev name "Lurker Beats" will also appear here as well.

All of my plugins are made with SynthEdit, so please understand the associated limitations, but generally this website will contain tried-and-true plugins for download and will specify if the plugin is 'beta' or 'semi-functional' etc.

I make these plugins for myself and my own music production, and the last couple years I haven't been releasing any online. New plugins coming to KVR and elsewhere in May 2022 (or maybe late April- see below!!!!!!)

Thank you for your interest, happy music making!

-Ivy Sirena 

April 2022



Vibanez Series

TL-V Tremolo

EM-V Echo machine

TS-V ValveScreecher

CM-V Classic Metal

FL-V Flanger