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SynthIV x Lurker Beats

Lurker Chorus is a 4-voice stereo chorus with automatic tempo-sync and stereo spread.   Adjust the Rate, Depth, Feedback and Volume of each chorus, mix it with the Dry Volume, and set the EQ.  Color animations to visualize the rate/depth of each chorus sweep.  Presets available, and the user can make, save, and load their own presets.  Preserves stereo channels.

(Windows 64bit VST3, MAC AU 64bit)


v2.0 - Released 5/6/19
VST Plugin Instrument (Synthesizer)

+{Windows 64bit vst3, MAC AU}+

The star of the Antifreeze Synthesizer is the Pitch LFO.  Use it to create sparkling pads and video game style sound effects.  Features 2 oscillators, an amplifier envelope, a filter, a delay, tempo-sync, and much more.  This is a collaboration between SynthIV and Lurker Beats 

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P-Moneyy MachineP-Moneyy Machine


VST Plugin Instrument (Simplistic ROMpler)

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This plugin is a celebration of rapper P-Moneyy. Press any key to trigger a sample of him saying his own name, just like on his debut album "71065". This is a free plugin! Enjoy.

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