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Windows 32 bit VST2
Three filter/delay effect; tempo-synced delay, all have 4 kinds of filters, adjust the feedback of each, wet/dry, modulate 1-3 delays, and 1 delay has distortion and another has an LFO for the filter.   

Windows 32 bit VST2

Distortion with filtered equalizer; 
2 types of distortion, 9 band EQ, limiter


Lurker Chorus is a 4-voice stereo chorus with automatic tempo-sync and stereo spread.   Adjust the Rate, Depth, Feedback and Volume of each chorus, mix it with the Dry Volume, and set the EQ.  Color animations to visualize the rate/depth of each chorus sweep.  Presets available, and the user can make, save, and load their own presets.  Preserves stereo channels.

(Windows 64bit VST3, MAC AU 64bit)

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