Windows 32-bit Plugins


Yamaha PSS-370 sound-alike; Synthesizer with 'circuit bent' controls added.  80's fm synth.


Chord Organ inspired by the Baldwin Fun Machine.  One key plays 4 notes to make a chord, chosen by the selector on the left.  Unique effects such as the Octivator add extra flavor to your organ sounds.

Soft Glow Organ

Organ Rompler; samples from a 40+ year old home organ with modulation and effects.


Three filter/delay effect; tempo-synced delay, all have 4 kinds of filters, adjust the feedback of each, wet/dry, modulate 1-3 delays, and 1 delay has distortion and another has an LFO for the filter.  

Distortion with filtered equalizer; 
2 types of distortion, 9 band EQ, limiter. 


a VST plug-in that plays .wav or .mp3 files through a variety of effects to enhance and entirely change your listening experience. MIDI inputs control pitch/speed
of .wav/.mp3 and trigger various samples.

(FREE old/obsolete/removed SynthIV Plugins)

Pack includes: Stereo Pulse, Sylva, KOS, MGCK, IV Line, Omission, The Loud, The Visitor.

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